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An Introduction to Trump/Russia




Trump/Russia is the greatest political scandal in American history. It’s also the most complex. In this remarkable and necessary work, novelist Greg Olear weaves the loose threads of Trump/Russia into a short, easy-to-follow narrative. DIRTY RUBLES is both an ideal primer for those new to the story and a useful review for those already in the know—a compelling overview of Trump/Russia.

Listen to the first chapter.

Olear brings his sharp literary scalpel to what promises to emerge as one of America’s most enormous and consequential scandals, operating under the belief that it takes a novelist’s ability to understand and tell stories to truly capture the essence of the “stranger than fiction” Trump/Russia conspiracy. The result is a riveting, infuriating and, against all the odds, uplifting book. It's essential reading for all Americans, especially those in the apathetic majority who view Russian meddling in U.S. elections as insignificant.


If ignorance is your bliss, Dirty Rubles isn't for you. Greg Olear deliciously tears down that barrier Trump has erected between the truth and the American people.

Cheri Jacobus, USA Today columnist, political pundit and Trump target

While Donald Trump represented the greatest threat to the United States since the Civil War, the US Media abdicated its duty to tell the American people the truth. Luckily, skilled writers and patriots like Greg Olear stepped into the fray, keeping readers rapt as he helped condense complex conspiracy into lucid narrative. Dirty Rubles is a long-form version of that lucidity, a cogent book that will catch people up to speed as they realize the story of the century was kept from them. To help America get back on track, read this book and share its insights with family and friends.

Eric Garland, strategic analyst, author of Future Inc: How Businesses Can Anticipate and Profit from What’s NEXT and How to Predict the Future and Win

In Dirty Rubles—part well-researched historical narrative, part roadmap and practical guide—Greg Olear breaks down events and timelines, key players and affiliations, one layer at a time, like he’s dismantling an increasingly ugly Russian nesting doll, to answer the question on everyone’s lips: ‘How did we get here?’ Dirty Rubles is essential to understanding and navigating global events in the era of fake news, alternative facts and the resurgence of state-sponsored propaganda. 

—Aja Raden, author of Stoned: Jewelry, Obsession, and How Desire Shaped the World

With the savvy of a seasoned researcher and the skill of a surgeon, Olear brilliantly excises facts from the cancerous fiction permeating our national dialogue. Names that will forever be consigned to the ashcan of infamy, Page, Manafort, Nunes to name but three, jump from the page in mind-numbing clarity of their complicity in what is surely America's darkest hour. You can read this book and hate it when it doesn't suit your narrative, but you can't dispute it. That's the beauty of truth — and the ugliness.

Shelby Kent-Stewart, author of Blessing

A useful primer for the uninitiated.

Chronogram magazine


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